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Welcome Boss, pleasure to see thine interest in my work. I'm a creator, which isn't a particularly groundbreaking thing to say, but this here is my little corner of the internet to showcase the things I make as well as myself. Consider yourself welcome to browse and immerse yourself in what I do, but I cannot garuntee this site is totally up to date as I'm having to maintain this among many other things. One way or another this is me, and I'm likely deeply preoccupied with satisfying my ambition.

Cards on the table though. As of writing this sentence it has been something close to a decade since I've done anything in CSS code or HTML. So I implore you acknowledge that I have likely made slip ups in my relearning process.

You'll notice on the left, the navigation bar will be just about the best way to get around the joint with subsections that open based on what page you're on. If you want to learn about the stuff I make, or learn about me gahead. On the right of the page you'll find socials such as links to the community sectors such as my social media's and discord. If you have any inquiries use any of the contacts listed at the bottom of this page or the chatroom and I'll get onto it.

Contact me by this Email: Timelesstwistedtales@gmail.com

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