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This is the creators block where my creations hang around. This is the main page so it'll only contain recent highlighted creations that I deem worthy of being on the front page. For the full backlog of my creations you can browse categorically on the subpages section from Games, Music, and Art.

Musical Highlight

Have to be supporter to put something up and I'm too lazy to figure out an alternative plan at the momento grande.

Artistic Highlight


A lot of my friends got into analogue horror and some even came to me for help although I had no earthly idea as to why. I realised it was because of a technique I occassionally do called "Dithering" which isn't exactly complicated. But if done well looks absolutely and positively ZOINKED. This image here was made after I was informed of people enjoying my dither art. Something that fascinated me was an inverse artistic perspective that a great god is in fact an enemy. I made this with the phrase "God can't hurt us anymore" ingrained in the inspiration, and I think I did a decent job at drawing a sort of outer-godlike cultic and strange embrace of something otherwise considered grotesque and uncanny.

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