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A Disclaimer

A lot of what you'll read here, should you be interested have long been accomplished and are not subject to changes or fixes. Especially under academic work, you'll find old stuff that are not representative of what I can accomplish today and some may poorly age. As far as I'm concerned, all the academic work passed with high marks. I doubly apologise if referencing is buggered up in earlier works. There are some works I've deliberately chosen not to put up here and that is because the content involved is not something I'm comfortable with showcasing, this includes things like DNA studies, some forensic reporting, group projects involving people I cannot consult, and things related to such things.

Academic Works

New Zealand Gangs: Criminality and Social Consequence - 2019 SOCI103 Proposal and Essay

Untitled Second-Wave Feminism Overview - 2020 GEND101 Essay

An Examination on New Zealand Working-Class Maori Health and Disparities Since European Settlement - 2020 SOCI101 Essay

Divergence: The extremes of body modification and their differentiation. - 2020 SOCI102 Essay

An era of information: An examination of the gathering of personal data in digital health. - 2020 SOCI102 Essay

Finding Comfort and Security in a World Built on Value. - 2020 SOCI203 Autobiography Assignment

Little Big Voices: An analysis of young people versus the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery efforts. - 2020 SOCI203 Essay

Exploring the litigious relationship of sex work and pornography to victimless crime - 2021 CRIM201 Essay

Critical Reflection: The Quintessence of Criminological Analysis and Theory - 2021 CRIM201 Reflection Assignment

Exploring Sociological Data Mining in Research Methodology and Design - 2021 SOCI201 Essay

A Gendered Epidemic: A feminist analysis of the effects of COVID-19 perpetuating inequality. - 2021 SOCI201 Essay

Bound by Gender: Media’s Conflations of Gender to Crime in Intimate Partner Violence - 2022 GEND310 Essay

Examining and identifying key demographic patterns in Estonia and Finland - 2022 SOCI305 Demography Report

DNA Triplet Mock Case Study, Hyde Street Party Assault - 2022 FORS301 Module Report

13-STR Loci Fingerprinting Labwork (Performed on Self) - 2022 FORS301 Module Report

Review of DNA Databases in Forensic analysis - 2022 FORS301 Module Report

Animal Welfare Summary - 2023 SOCI306 Reading Response

Split Realities: Analyzing the evolution and disruption of virtual sex work to the workforce. - 2023 SOCI306 Essay

Reflections: The Self and the New Self - 2023 SOCI313 Essay

Identity Project - 2023 SOCI313 Essay

Explaining the Ascension of Value: Items of Relationships and Symbols - 2023 ANTH327 Essay

Machining Society: What Is Happening to Us. - 2023 SOCI302 Essay

The Hyperopia of Fantastical Dystopias - 2023 SOCI302 Mixtape Assignment

The Data Dichotomy: Generating Insecure Information - 2023 SOCI312 Essay

Evolution of the Criminal, Justice and Technology Thereof - 2023 SOCI312 Blog Assignment

Personal Works

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